• As we approach the start of the seventh season of the Flagler Youth Orchestra strings program, we decided ensembles with names like “Group B” or “Ms. Caren’s Orchestra” would no longer serve us well. It’s time for our five ensembles to each have a unique name for our students to identify with. But we need your help!

    We live in such a beautiful area of the country, we thought it would be a great idea for the ensemble names to reflect our surroundings. For example: Seaside Symphony (this one is not an option.)

    Here’s where you come in. Come up with an ensemble/orchestra name and submit it to us for consideration. Five ensemble names will be picked and announced on September 28. We reserve the right to use the suggested name for any of the five ensembles or to use part of a suggested name in combination with another.

    So, let’s hear your ideas! Submit your entries below.