• Our music program depends upon our supporters to help us continue to provide our students with a rich and diverse musical experience.  Should you wish to contribute in a very tangible way to our program, we have some options for you. This program is completely optional, but please know that any contribution you make to our organization is greatly appreciated by our staff and our members. We purchase our music through J.W. Pepper, and the company provides two easy ways to help us allow supporters to buy the next exciting selections for our concerts.

    Music Lists:

    To purchase music directly for our upcoming performances, visit jwpepper.com/musiclists, and type in the list name  2011-12 school year.  Please let us know you’ve made the purchase using the email option after making your purchase on the web site.  You can even have the shipment sent directly to our mailing address if you wish.

    Gift Cards:

    If you’d rather donate a gift card to purchase music, please visit jwpepper.com/gifts and purchase the denomination of your choice, and we will buy the music most appropriate for our upcoming programs. The gift cards do not expire, and will go a long way to helping us buy music we need.

    Anyone sponsoring a piece of music will be recognized in our printed music program. You can even sponsor a piece in memory of a loved one.

    Thanks for your continued support of our music program!