• Instruments

    The Flagler Youth Orchestra is always in need of instrument donations regardless of size, type or condition. If you have an instrument in your home that isn’t being played, why not donate it to the FYO so that a child in need can learn how to play? Don’t have an instrument to give, but you want to help? Currently we have the following needs in our program:

    • Upper orchestra violin/viola: $400
    • Student level violin: $200 donation
    • Cello instrument case: $200 donation
    • Student level cello: $400 donation
    • New violin/viola/cello bow: $45 donation
    • Violin/viola instrument cases: $40 donation

    Take a Stand

    … by giving a stand. The FYO needs approximately 12 music stands.  A $30 donation will allow us to purchase one stand. Why not make this donation in honor or in memory of someone you love? We’ll include a dedication on the stand.

    Concession Items

    The FYO now has a concession stand called “The Suite Shop.” All proceeds from concession sales go to our fourth teacher who is solely being financed by the Friends of the Youth Orchestra. Patrons and orchestra families are encouraged to donate concession items, too. “The Suite Shop” is looking for the following items:

    • grape, orange and lemon-lime drink (cans please, and no caffeine products)
    • 1.5 to 2 oz. bags of chips, snacks or candy
    • bottled water
    • baked items

    This type of donation will net a big bang for your buck. For example, your donated purchase of $3 worth of canned soda will net the orchestra $12. For more information or to schedule a donation, please call (386) 503-3808,