• El-Gervasio-Headshot-webPersonal:

    • Attitude: Be amazed about the skills you are learning! It is so cool to make music! Remember we are learning 2 separate skills: 1. We are learning how to learn to play music,2. We are learning to play an instrument.

     Get the difference?  You can do this!

    • Management: Write notes in your String Builder Book…or our extra sheets…reminding you which ones are the hardest for you…Spend extra time on these.


    • Posture:

    Bow hold: line up your thumb on one side of the bow with your middle finger.

    • In guitar position, place your thumb on one side of the neck and the base of your pointer finger on the other side of the neck. Watch your fingers so they are curved and have “Tabletops”. We are getting ready for page 8 in your book.


    • Practice pages 6 and 7 with our Practice System: 1. clap and count out loud 2. Say the names of the pitches 3. Play pizzicato 4. Use the bow.
    • Practice our new sheet, Half Notes, Whole notes and rests with the bow.
    • Prepare your written homework.