• Practice, Practice Every Day. The More I Practice, the Better I Play!


    • Attitude: Think before acting. Take a moment to imagine how your posture should look before you do it.
    • Management: I certainly hope you have a soft cloth and are wiping your instrument and bow after playing. Be on time for class!  Try to practice 15 minutes five days a week.


    • Violin or Viola hold: think about your alignment. Be sure your music is at your scroll height when you practice. If you lean over when you practice, that will become a habit…not so good for your back!
    • Bow hold:  Imagine how you want this bow hold to look and feel. Practice with a pencil on the school bus, in the car, if you are waiting for anything. The more frequently you get set to hold the bow, the faster it will become automatic.


    • Practice pages 4, 5 and 6 with the bow. Remember to 1. clap, and count out loud, 2. say the names of the pitches,3. play pizzicato, then 4. use the bow… as you prepare. THINGS ARE GETTING MORE COMPLICATED!
    • Play OSQNAQR with the bow.
    • Play HN, WN, & R.
    • Be sure to play with the bow looking at yourself in a mirror. Watch how your bow arm moves. Teaching your arm to move properly is so important to your progress!
    • Prepare your written homework.