• El-Gervasio-Headshot-webPersonal:

    • Attitude: Aim for accuracy and precision with your posture. Check often that your body is doing what your brain wants it to do. Do your best!
    • Management: Keep the materials in your case organized…rosin in its compartment, cloth under…or over…your instrument, bow tip at the narrow part of your case.
    • Get a soft cloth if you don’t have one!


    • Posture: line up your nose, fingerboard, scroll, shoulder and music when you work with your book.
    • Continue to look in the mirror at your bow hold fingers. Fix them!
    • Bow holds greatly improved with those marker lines “Bow Sitters” I drew on your bow hand. Draw your own if it helps you.


    • Notes are sound and pitch and rhythm, rests are silence and rhythm.
    • Write whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, whole rests, half rests and quarter rests. Writing them helps you know what they look like. You don’t need staff paper, use white paper.
    • Play opens strings with the bow. Stay on the highway, 2 fingers from the bridge. Think about how your bow hand moves, keep arm and hand relaxed. Watch your elbow height in a mirror. Forearm moves the bow, shoulder moves the string choice.
    • Practice pages 3, 4, and 5 with the bow and page 6 pizzicato. Count OUT LOUD!
    • Prepare your written homework.