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    Welcome to a new school year with the Flagler Youth Orchestra! It was a pleasure for me to hear our returning students play during auditions last week.

    What an inspiring group of dedicated musicians and families. I am looking forward to another exciting year of music learning and sharing in the joys of making music together. As we move forward with this year, I think it would be helpful for everyone to review how I approach seating assignments in student orchestras. It is important that all sections in the orchestra have a balanced representation of players with complementing skills and expertise. I do not consider one part to be any more or less demanding, or important, than another. Each part presents its own set of challenges and responsibilities. Learning to contribute skillfully as either a first violinist or a second violinist is part of the process of becoming an educated and experienced musician.

    I am always available to discuss aspects of your progress, answer any questions that may arise, or just to talk “music”.

    Very Sincerely,

    Sue Cryan, FYO Artistic Director

    “It takes a village to make music….. It takes music to make a village”