• Happy Spring Break Everyone!! I hope you all get some much-needed rest and all the nasty cold and flu viruses that have been around decide to take a break as well!

    We are in our final concert of the season-preparation mode, and I want to say thank you for all the hard work and dedication everyone in this ensemble has put in this past year. As I’ve mentioned several times in class, because of the level of mastery that students in the HCO have now achieved, I am now choosing music that is much more complicated and difficult, aka “interesting”, than ever before. Traditionally, our final concert of the year demonstrates the growth and maturity of our ensemble, through the year, and this year is no exception. As you recall, I asked for suggestions for music from you all, and the selections I chose are a direct result of YOUR input!

    That being said… It must absolutely be a priority FOR EVERY MUSICIAN IN HCO, to practice your individual parts, thoroughly and conscientiously, at home!! We cannot spend valuable rehearsal time learning notes. This music is challenging, and I know the HCO can, and should, present a quality performance in May. No one should be surprised if I choose to ask individuals to play passages in rehearsal, if it is apparent that the music is not prepared. I hope that this will not be necessary. Please remember your commitment to the ensemble and all of your hard work that brought you to this achievement!

    Have a wonderful, MUSICAL, Spring Break!
    Peace, Ms. Sue

    PS, The link below is an interesting blog article, and I trust, the recorded interview with, the Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti, discussing her new CD of movie-inspired music for violin. She is a wonderfully, soulful and inspiring musician to hear! I hope you enjoy!