• Congratulations, once again, on an impressive, well-prepared, concert performance! I am so proud of the diligence and perseverance you have all displayed, in preparing so much difficult music, in such a brief amount of time. Working with ALL of you brings me such joy and inspires me each and every day.

    Yesterday’s rehearsal was marred only by the fact that so many of you were struggling with nasty illnesses, and I do hope you all feel well, very soon! This seems to be a particularly tough season for so many. Thank you to all families who contacted us about your absences. Please be sure to continue to let Ms. Cheryl know by email or text, if you must be absent from class for any reason. This not only alleviates any concern we may have about your whereabouts during class, but it certainly helps me when planning and preparing for classes.

    **We handed-out the music for 3 new pieces yesterday:

    • “221 B Baker Street”, a Sherlock Holmes-inspired medley
    • “Cinema Paradiso”, from the movie of the same title
    • “Lady Gaga Fugue”, a challenging, fun, contemporary fugue!

    If you were missing from class, I will have this music available for you next week. It may be best, though, to contact Ms. Cheryl, and she can email you copies of the music before then, as it is all quite challenging!

    Violin and viola students present yesterday should have all filled-in the form I provided with their choice for a solo they will be preparing for Fundamentals class. If you did not do so, PLEASE be prepared to let me know NO LATER THAN NEXT WEDNESDAY, which piece you plan to play!

    Monday is a school holiday, and our next class will be Wednesday, Feb.22.

    Please begin working on the new music, before our next rehearsal! It’s not easy, but I think it will be rewarding!

    Have a terrific weekend!                               Ms. Sue