• Cheryl Tristam - Executive Director

  • Cheryl Tristam is likely the first person you will have contact with at the FYO. She became involved in the strings program in 2004 when there were only 11 students participating. Since then, and with founding artistic director, Jonathan May, Cheryl has successfully organized and launched the new and more accessible strings program under the umbrella of the Flagler County School District.  Among her many duties with the FYO, Cheryl is responsible for recruiting, organizing class schedules, media and parent communications, organizing performances, fundraising, cheerleading, organizing volunteers and coordinating all things non-musical. Cheryl provides support to the teaching staff so they are free to focus on teaching, and she takes pride in ensuring that students can learn how to play their instrument in a fun, nurturing and safe environment.

    Cheryl is married and a mother of two children, one of whom has been a violinist in the strings program since 2012. Cheryl is currently hooked on Fraiser and ER re-runs. She completed the Disney Marathon as a fundraiser for the FYO in 2008, completed the Melbourne Music Half Marathon in 2013 and the Disney Half Marathon in January 2017. She enjoys working out and yoga, and recently her family went off the rails and adopted seven kittens.

    In March 2015, Cheryl received the school district’s Power of One Award for her work with the Flagler Youth Orchestra. Cheryl believes music education is just as important as math or science, and every child should have an opportunity to develop this aspect of their human capabilities regardless of their background. As a child, Cheryl’s parents had the tough decision of getting her braces or an instrument. The braces won.  She’s proud to be part of this unique opportunity that makes it possible for every child who wants to play, braces and all.