• Welcome to all of our new beginning string students and their families! This is always one of my favorite times of the year, seeing new students open their instrument cases for the first time, and returning students getting back into their routines of attending classes and rehearsals and learning with old and new friends.

    Many of our beginner families have already been through the all-important First Year, with older siblings, but I would like to provide some advise to everyone, that I hope is valuable to the entire FYO community.

    *Your child has begun what I hope will become a life long adventure learning and enjoying music. I encourage every family to reflect on this exciting Commitment, and to be patient with the process, your children’s progress, and above all… STICK WITH IT! No one learns to play an instrument in a few short months. It is our hope that all of the students who have begun in our program, work together to stay involved throughout the entire first year. There will be moments of frustration and perhaps some difficulty, mixed with sheer joy and a sense of accomplishment.  If your child has the understanding that they have made this commitment for the year, it may be a bit easier to get through some of the challenges ahead. All of us teaching your children have felt our own moments of doubt and hard work, and we all have witnessed, personally, the enormous benefits of our lives being involved with music.

    * One of the most important ingredients to your child’s success this year is Consistent Attendance in class. When any child misses a class, they loose valuable instruction and often feel “behind” upon their return. We try our best to always review materials covered in previous classes, but it is not the same as learning new concepts along with your peers. Consistent attendance should be a primary goal for all families. Most beginners have difficulty learning to practice regularly at home, and we expect that. I have often witnessed children become easily frustrated when their attendance is sporadic, even though they may say they have “practiced” at home.  ~Please notify the FYO ahead of time if your child must be absent from class.

    * My final recommendation for every family is to understand that Communication is a vital component to success in any learning environment. We try to be available to talk with students and adults whenever there is a question, comment, or concern. I will be sending frequent “Notes Home” to families, and always appreciate hearing any feedback. Please share these notes with your student and other members of your family. Learning music can be a valuable “community/family event”. If a concern should arise and the teacher is not immediately available to discuss it, please know that you can always communicate with Ms. Cheryl, who is most often in her office helping us all navigate through the day. Emailing or texting with Ms. Cheryl are always effective ways to communicate with the FYO as well.

    I hope that every student and family enjoys this marvelous musical journey together.

    “When words fail, music speaks”

    Ms. Sue

    Artistic Director, Flagler Youth Orchestra