• It was an excellent week of classes for our beginners! I am so pleased to see the students’ enthusiasm and joy in learning music. Here are a few reminders:

    * Please be sure your child’s name is written on all of their materials. We have silver markers for writing names on shoulder rests, and each New Directions book should have the child’s name clearly written on the inside front cover. Yesterday, 4 students left books behind.

    * Please be sure your instrument is always stored safely in the closed case, out of the way of younger children and pets.

    -SHOULD SOMETHING APPEAR TO BREAK ON THE INSTRUMENT OR BOW, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR IT AT HOME. Most repairs are minor and we can take care of them during class.

    * Never leave string instruments in the car while you are not in the car! Heat will damage string instruments in a very short amount of time, causing cracks in the wood and broken strings.

    What we covered in classes this week:

    ~ We reviewed of the parts of the instruments, (inside cover of New Direction bk.).

    ~ We reviewed and practiced proper rest and play positions, page 2 in ND.

    ~ We reviewed the names of all 4 strings, and played them using pizzicato, page 3)

    ~ We learned about the staff and reading music. We identified the four strings for each instrument on the staff, page 5, and learned to recognize quarter notes and quarter rests. We played the selections on pages 5 and 6, pizzicato, (pizz.)

    ~ We began learning about the bow; how to care for it, tighten and loosen the hairs and the proper use of rosin. Page 11 has excellent diagrams showing how to hold the bow, and we will read this page together in class next week.

    Please encourage your child to fill in the purple “pencil games” sections on each page of their books. It is always an excellent idea for students to review what was covered in class, and to begin sharing their new knowledge with family.

    Please remember that consistent attendance in all classes is the most vital first step in establishing your child’s success and confidence when learning to play an instrument!

         I look forward to working with all of your children next Monday!      Ms. Sue