• Our Prelude Players classes are moving right along very nicely, and I am so pleased with the progress the students are making!

    Each class hour is now becoming more comfortable with the classroom procedures and expectations.

    ~Please try to be sure that your child brings their music materials with them to each class. These necessary materials always include:

    1. Instrument and bow
    2. Shoulder rest, for violin/viola students
    3. New Directions book
    4. All music that is handed-out in class.

    This week I distributed two new pieces to all students who were present in class. If your child was absent, or has misplaced their copy of this music, please email Ms. Cheryl, and she will send you an email copy. The two pieces that were handed-out and are the pieces we will be performing for our upcoming FYO Concert, on Nov. 16, are:

    ~ Seaside Blues

    ~ Pizzicato On Parade

    We also distributed Worksheet #2 to all beginners on Wednesday. If your child is missing this, please contact Ms. Cheryl for a copy.

    Our beginning students now have enough knowledge about their instruments that they should be starting to practice independently at home. Practice may include filling in a worksheet or the Pencil Games sections in New Directions, reviewing how to hold the instrument and bow, reading and singing note names out loud, and playing their assigned songs.

    It is always fun for students to hold informal “concerts” for their families!


    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Ms. Sue