• bakers

    Annabel, Betsy and future student, Chloe

    As parents and residents of Palm Coast for more than 23 years, we want you to know how our family has been impacted by FYO.

    Our oldest daughter Annabel is 12, and has just completed her fourth year with FYO. She has flourished in the program, dedicating hours to practice at home, and this year progressed to the Harmony Chamber Orchestra. Due to her obvious commitment and dedication, we recently invested in a “concert” violin, after renting instruments for years. Annabel admires her peers in the program and is continually inspired by her dedicated, talented instructors. She shares her talent with others at church events, educational events, a sporting event, and recently at a nursing home.

    Our middle daughter, Betsy is 9 and finished her second year with the orchestra. We are so proud of her artistic accomplishments. As a shy, quite student, having the ability to read music and play violin in the “orchestra” setting has given her confidence….she is a part of something bigger than herself. Her performance skills have improved significantly and she is looking forward to advancing in the FYO. She shared this past week that she has her eye on the “first chair” position!

    Our youngest daughter Chloe has been anticipating being a part of FYO for several years. (She is eligible to join the program in the fall as a third grader.) She was recently measured for her instrument and last week, came home with a violin. Her sisters have begun giving her advice and instruction and when they practice, Chloe pulls out her instrument. She is counting the weeks until she’s a member of FYO herself.

    We appreciate FYO more than words can ever express. Without FYO, it would not be possible for the girls to have music lessons. This program is invaluable to the community, and the hundreds of families it serves.

    ~ Margaret Baker, Flagler Youth Orchestra mom volunteer