• margaux and seth

    Margaux and Seth

    When my mother first found out about FYO earlier this year and told my family about it, my little brother, Seth was instantly on board. As for myself, not so much. But, my parents found a way to get me to try it. I, of course, was skeptical due to past experiences with learning to play instruments.

    I was off to a rough start- I wanted to quit. So I went to Ms. Cheryl and explained how I wasn’t interested in the program anymore. Not only did Cheryl listen to my complaints, she genuinely cared. She made arrangements for me to ride a bus from Matanzas High School to ITMS on Wednesdays so that I could be tutored.

    This put me in a fundamental class with C and D level orchestra students. After a few weeks of drowning in information that was way above my head, I learned to swim so I can keep my head above water. In that class I learned way more than I ever imagined I would in such a short span of time.

    But you can’t learn to swim on your own, someone has to teach you.

    For a little while I was tutored by an energetic boy named Xander. Then, I got help from another boy named Austin. Austin helped me more than he realized. He helped me keep up in Jacob’s class which made it more enjoyable. This also helped me get ahead in Mr. Jack’s class.

    Ms. Cheryl, Mr. Jack, Mr. Jacob, Austin and Xander all helped me realize how much I enjoy playing and learning to play. It’s hard work, but it’s fun and a great way to make new friends.

    I am so thankful for everyone!

    ~ Margaux Williamson, cellist