• tristanTristan started with the FYO in September ’12. While he thought is sounded “cool” to play violin, he didn’t realize the work that went into it. He didn’t make it through the first year, because he just didn’t want to practice. After several talks about commitment, both to his fellow orchestra members and topersonal improvement, Tristan started lessons over the summer.

    When the FYO season started this past fall, Tristan decided he was going to put in the necessary work. Since September, he has practiced at least 5 days each week, but usually 6. He’s excited to learn new pieces and to progress in the orchestra. We recently upgraded to a better violin, and he’s thrilled with the sound!! As we’ve reached the end of this year’s season, I’m amazed at the growth I see in my son. He’s excited about music, he wants to improve and has committed to doing so, and is overcoming his insecurities about being in front of people.

    Without the FYO, I think he’d still be quitting things that were difficult, instead of finding the desire to improve himself.


    ~Christina Allan, Flagler Youth Orchestra mom