• When a friend first twisted my arm to let my daughter, Heather, participate in the Flagler Youth Orchestra, all I could think about was the awful sound of a violin being tortured by an inexperienced player. And yes, initially I did cringe a few times, but my appreciation for her improvement began to outweigh any discomfort my ears sustained, and I began to anticipate each new piece, finding the next more delightful than the one before it. I was truly in awe during her most recent performance. She has become a true musician, and I’m so grateful for what FYO has contributed to her life, past and future: As a high school graduate, she received a scholarship for college, and of course, she has a skill she can carry with her throughout her life, to serve as an outlet for her artistic expression.



    Jeremy, in red, during chamber camp, led by Lucas Drew.

    My son, Jeremy, decided rather spontaneously to learn to play the bass. I confess, I didn’t expect him to continue with it, but he has put his heart into it, and I have marveled over the last few years at both his commitment and his talent. FYO has helped to develop a strength of character in him, through the discipline needed to practice and rise to the challenge of playing increasingly difficult pieces. The gifted and attentive staff has nurtured his appreciation for real, historical, dynamic music, a refreshing alternative to the mindless noise that passes for music today. I look forward to each opportunity to hear him play, and to seeing where this investment of his time will take him in the future. Thank you, FYO!