• zana-barrettMusic has helped my daughter overcome being bullied. My daughter first touched a violin in kindergarten. Ms. Cheryl had one at the open house for Wadsworth Elementary. She instantly fell in love with it. She had to wait until 3rd grade to join the FYO. She waited and waited.

    In the mean time, 2nd grade began her challenging times. Her grades slowly began to fall. I thought the material was more challenging because the school switched curriculum again. Over the next two years she went from being a social butterfly to a timid mouse.

    In 3rd grade my daughter brought home the much anticipated FYO open house papers. We went and were amazed with the skill levels of the children in the program. From beginner to D orchestra, they are AMAZING! My daughter wanted to be a part of the program.

    She was very nervous those first few practices. Ms. Caren was patient with my daughter. She showed my daughter that music can be an outlet. She gained some confidence through Ms. Caren and being onstage performing with the FYO that year.

    In 4th grade my daughter and I had a serious talk. We realized that she was being teased and bullied in school. We wanted to quit going to standard school, but we were in fear of being removed from FYO. Ms Cheryl assured us we were still welcome.

    margaret-barrettMy daughter is now going into 6th grade. She is gaining confidence back every day. She uses music to calm herself. Being bullied has brought on anger issues and her violin helps ease those. She just plays away the frustration.

    Her younger sister is now a member also, playing the double bass that she has being playing with in the green room over the last few years. FYO has saved our family from the anger and frustration of being bullied. It brings our family members in from out of town for concerts, teaches my daughter confidence, the value of hard work, and makes the most beautiful sounds my house has ever heard!

    We LOVE the FYO!!!!

    ~ Amy Barrett, Orchestra mom of Zana and Margaret