• My child has never played before. Can she join?

    Yes! The strings program is open to all skills levels including beginners. Three class hours are offered and within each hour students are divided between four-six teachers in order to group students by skill level.

    My child already knows how to play a string instrument? Which orchestra will they be in?

    The strings program conducts auditions in late August in order to place students in the orchestra level that will best serve them. When a student is enrolled in the program, a link to schedule an audition will be provided to those with experience. The audition materials can be found here.

    Where are classes held?

    All string classes are held at Indian Trails Middle School on Belle Terre Parkway next to Belle Terre Elementary School. (This is subject to change.)

    What days of the week are classes held?

    String classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays for one hour on each day. If the public schools are closed, we do not have string classes. Please check our schedule link for a complete listing of classes and concerts for this year. Students are expected to attend both days of the week. Some scheduling restrictions apply.

    Is there a fee to enroll in the program?

    If you live in Flagler: no. The Flagler Youth Orchestra strings program is a free program offered by the Flagler County School District and the Friends of the Youth Orchestra. The only expense associated with the program is that of the instrument, beginner book and your time. Because the program is free, parents and family members are strongly encouraged to participate in the few fundraising events throughout the year so that we can afford to offset the cost of instruction, take care of basic operational expenses and continue to purchase scholarship instruments for those in need. Out-of-county enrollment is available for a yearly fee.

    Who can join the strings program?

    Any student who is at least 8 years old by September 1st of the current school year, either living in Flagler County or receiving their education in Flagler, are welcome to join the program regardless of where they attend school. Out-of-county enrollment is available for a yearly fee. Current members who graduate and go to college locally can continue performing with the Flagler Youth Orchestra until they are 20 years of age.

    My child has an attention/learning disability? I think learning an instrument might help.

    You may be correct. But be sure to consider the learning environment. It takes a great deal of self-control and focus to learn how to play an instrument in a group setting. Our mission is to provide the opportunity of learning how to play to all who wish to play, which means our class sizes can be large. Our experience has been that students with known attention or learning disorders have difficulty mastering the fundamental skills taught in our large group setting. This can be very frustrating for the child. Individual or private instruction may be the better way to go. We can assist you with contact information of local private teachers who may be able to provide the right environment for learning to take place.

    Does the program provide instruments?

    Sometimes. Students are expected to provide their own instruments which they can acquire by either buying or renting. In some cases and based on availability, we do provide instruments to families who are financially unable to afford this expense. Acquiring an instrument is not as expensive as you might think, but please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. If a student qualifies for an instrument scholarship, there is a $15 per year maintenance fee that covers minor repairs.

    Where can I buy or rent an instrument for my child?

    Please contact the Director or your child’s teacher to get information about music stores that provide this service. Or visit our music store page.

    How do I know what kind of instrument to get for my child?

    Ask us. We are more than happy to help direct you in your search for an instrument. There are many companies selling what we like to call violin-shaped objects online. These “instruments” are difficult to tune, do not stay in tune, arrive not set up properly, and simply do not sound good. This can lead to a lot of frustration for the child, his teachers and parents. A child is more likely to enjoy playing if their instrument has a nice sound and stays in tune. We can help you find the best instrument for whatever your budget is. Here’s a hint though: if the instrument is any color other than brown, you do not have a real violin. Colorful violins are strongly discouraged.

    My child will be returning this year. Do I need to fill out another enrollment form?

    Yes. We need a new enrollment form at the beginning of each school year to maintain accurate contact information for your child.

    When should I submit my enrollment form for the 2023-24 season?

    Enrollment for the 2023-24 school year will open in mid-June. Online enrollment via our website will be available at that time.

    If you still have unanswered questions, please call our Director or attend the open house orientation for further information.

    Have another question? Please contact us. We’ll get right back to you.